Fat Leopard – Vegas Feat. Lil Wayne Lyrics

(Chorus – Fat Leopard)
I woke up thinking, I don’t remember last night
With a stranger laying next to me
She said it’s Vegas, so I guess it’s alright
S**t is exactly how it’s supposed to be
These Vegas nights, they never end
These Vegas nights, they never end

(Verse 1 – Fat Leopard)
It’s like your body’s worth Bugattis
F**k what you need, you got it
Baby you my trending topic
I’m your hot mess, you my hot s**t
Girl I owe you, let me show you
I just showed you, I can be your soldier
And while they’re kung fu fighting
We’ll be inside making love
Girl I know that I just met you
No I don’t wanna sweat you
But it’s feeling like we’re making love
And I know you love the money
No I ain’t out the money
I ain’t out the money you love
I can hold you each and every night
She told me, only for the right price
Got me thinking, am I going crazy?
Or do she got her mind right?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Wayne)
I woke up thinking
Like, who is this butt naked bi**h next to me?
They say what happens, it stays here
But I’m like this bi**h better leave
Lord, she woke up, went back to sleep
Cause she slept with the man of her dreams
We had so much cocaine
When I stepped out the suite I had sand on my feet
We went wise eyed
We got high and went bye bye, we went underwater
Saw fireflies with dry eyes, during the high tide
She f**ked me til I got tired and my high died
She said, not mine so we f**ked again til that stopped sign
She said, stop crying, this is now mine
I said, wow, fine
She tapped the d**k twice, is this thing on?
You are now live, and the crowd vibed
And she tell me I’m the one and I tell her she the one
And all we gotta do is dial 9
She said her pu**y ain’t free, I said, wow, fine
I pay her with a smile, slime
Then I told her my coke ain’t free neither
She said that we’re even
I said, now you’re talking like a loud mime
I’m up in Vegas, a million in cash
I just lost half, don’t dwell on the past
My girl just said, let’s go get married, I laughed
Now I’m at a drive-through chapel in a cab
With my homies screaming out, Tunechi don’t do it.. Reconsider
I said, f**k it, my ni**a, we up in Vegas
And I feel like De Niro

(Repeat Chorus)