Laden – Smoke Often Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I use to love smoke weed I don’t know
Now on the endz and yo friends with mi
Me getting high like Bobby and Biggy
You ain’t go catch me with no pointlyn

I love it whe you brown berry
back in school days
Am getting high grades
Cut it up, gather the dusk
How mi love the grabber so grabber licious
Mi teach mi likkle brother fi puff

Ask me if I smoke it everyday I said often
Mi brain a fly away like it have wing
Do it everyday I said often, often, often
My baby know mi dadda should stop smoke
I said darling
Often, smoke like how mi heart string
High grade ganja got mi all a troke

(Verse 2)
I see some girls they wanna smoke with us
They adoring us, we getting high in the sky
Hello Jesus
Smoking trees like it ain’t matter
Right now U think I need to change better
We don’t pop molly, we just just like Bob Marley
And still I get so high don’t try
I’ll fly left you
I smoke that loud turn it down
It might deaf you
Get it from my bro, my cousin, my nephew

(Repeat Chorus)