Gully Bop Destroys Gutty Bling And Alkaline In Drunken Rant [WATCH]

Gully Bop has no love for Gutty Bling or Alkaline at least from what we’ve seen in this video.

Bop was having a good time with some friends drinking and smoking while on tour in the UK when he launched into a rant about Gutty Bling and Alkaline.

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“One big idiot boy from Jamaica bout him name Gutty Bling, I don’t even know the boy from anywhere talking about him want to manage me,” Gully Bop rant. “You want hear him a put in the paper that him drop Gully Bop like he can drop me and am not hit child. I don’t even know where in Jamaica your living.”

Gully Bop really went in on Gutty.