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Vybz Kartel Juror Trial: Cops Cannot Provide Cellphone Records

Police officers dealt the defense a big blow today in the Vybz Kartel corrupt juror trial.

On Wednesday cops told the court that they were unable to provide cellphone data critical to the case. The prosecutor in the trial said that she received the letter for the police department this morning but could not provide any more details.

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Last month, a judge made a ruling in the ongoing juror corruption trial for the call data to be made available to the defense.

Juror Livingston Caine is on trial on multiple counts of perverting the course of justice after he allegedly trial to bribe other members of the juror during the Vybz Kartel high profile murder trial last year.

Caine was the only juror voted not guilty in the case the sent the dancehall icon to prison on a life sentence.

Were jurors contacted by phone to serve on panel?

Defense attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson grilled one witness on the stand on whether or not jurors were contacted by phone to serve on the jury for the highly publicised murder trial.

Neita-Robertson suggested that the juror told other jurors that she was contacted by the court to serve on the panel.


  1. Renardo Mclean

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  2. Vybz Kartel should be free base on what’s going on with this juror trial. Police them have something to hide why they don’t want to release the data.

    • “Vybz Kartel should be free base on what’s going on with this juror trial.”

      Did you miss the part where Livingston Caine attempted to bribe other jurors in a pathetic attempt to set Kartel free?! You best believe the courts didn’t miss it.

      Stick around a bit. Kartel will be able to apply for parole in 2049.

      • Did you miss the part where jurors were found to be affiliated/members of jdf?
        How about the cellfone,main “evindence” one of em “lost” on vacation to usa- since evidence gets to travel around rite..
        Smh,i was hoping u were dead by now zigfag

      • “Did you miss the part where jurors were found to be affiliated/members of jdf?”

        Absolutely not! That which I did miss deals with the incompetence of Adidja Azim Palmer’s legal defense team. Were the jurors picked through a popularity contest?! How is it that these ineligible jurors made it on to a jury list which is compiled by the Chief Electoral Officer and then passed to the Chief Officer of Police in each parish in the first place? Furthermore, why weren’t these ineligible jurors challenged by Palmer’s defense team? You would think since a man is on trial for his life, all i’s would be dotted and all t’s crossed prior to opening remarks.

        “How about the cellfone,main “evidence” one of em “lost” on vacation to usa- since evidence gets to travel around rite..”

        Yes! Please explain why you are worried about a lost cellphone when the issue is the lack of call data records?

        When it comes to cellphones…every text, every call is logged and time-stamped by the carrier. Data is carefully tracked by cellphone companies. That is what the court has ruled must be disclosed in this case.

        Seems to me that the police are unwilling to cooperate with the court, or ‘big money, and big man’ have purged the data from the cellphone carrier’s logs. Time will tell which is which.

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        Fact: Kartel will not be eligible for parole for 35 years.

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    • Mario Mcfarlane

      They were quick to release kartel cellphone records to convict him but now they can’t release this pivotal info smh