Tifa – One Time Lyrics

Yo body stay good
Yo swagger up deh
And even though you a trouble mi waan yo hold mi
Give it to me like you never give a girl before
And when wi done don’t call mi no more

If I give you now
Would you handle that?
Forget that, would you think that am slut
Caw mi waan the supn weh you have up
Crazy thoughts of you running through my mind
Yow mi wonder if the bwoy cyaa wine
Mi waan feel you baby just one time

(Verse 1)
Do some dirty things
I know you like that
Then you do dem to me
Baby right back
Curious to know if you like I imagine
And yo lips soft against mi smooth skin
Would you take your time when you put it in?
Then we bump and grind, baby its a sin
I have always wanted you but kept it to my self
When you walk pass me, capture me wid your scent

I just wanna stop day dreaming
Cause this is real life
All I want is one night never told you
I wanna be your wife

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Open up and give you everything you take it
We could makes it love a baby
We could fake it
I don’t see us together anytime soon
But I love to kiss and touch you under the moon
Just one night is all am asking
Do it and get over with mi got the tasking
But for one night baby I love to love you

(Repeat Chorus)