Fabolous – All For The Love (Freestyle) Lyrics

(Intro – DJ Clue and Fabolous)
Yeah, live from the 718, world-famous DJ Clue
Desert Storm, that kid Loso
You know how we do every Friday, right?
Put them streets on fire
Break that f**king Internet, let’s get it
I wish ni**a’s would stop huffing and puffing
Word, and just blow the f**king house down already
Yeah, let’s go

(Verse 1 – Fabolous)
When you think of me, you think of the nicest
My slow flow’s a modern-day crisis, these freestyles are priceless
All you gon hear is God damns and Jesus Christes
While these 90s beats become religious sacrifices
Rap game’s ISIS, studio terrorism
Lira Galore came through, helped me with the lyricism
These is hard bars, type you only hear in prison
Swag rap got you blind, this s**t I’ll clear your vision
Grass cut low, so you can catch em being snake
Cause everybody real ’til you catch em being fake
And I write my mean sh** when I’m in a nice mood
And Friday’s ain’t been this good since Ice Cube’s
See, behind every nice dude is a monster
They say, Behind every bad bi**h is a sponsor
Just remember that this time could be your last time
That’s why I’m out here rapping like it’s my last rhyme
So, stop complaining and get in your swag
In other words, get out your feelings and get in your bag
My ni**a, your biggest problem is you care too much
And you always around, you be there too much
And it’s, F**k what you heard cause you hear too much
You just a looking ass ni**a and you stare too much
And over here we don’t care for such
It’s so real, shorty still hop in and be like, Here’s your dutch
And now we rolling, blowing Cali in the whip, styling
She acting like it’s a molly and her s**t smiling
She ain’t listen, she probably in the whip wilding
Sucking like it’s the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
Uh, play off game on the seventy inch
And I’m the type of player that never get benched
Bi**hes wanna hang you, never the lynch
I’m trying to live this dream and never get pinched
Just something ’bout my s**t, I got it figured out
Bi**h, I don’t need your number, I’m seven-figured out
Nowadays, it looks like talk is all these ni**a’s bout
Seems like the smallest pockets always have the biggest mouth
And being broke is a joke, I know I shouldn’t laugh
That’s why I come for everything they said I couldn’t have
Before I go, only thing I want to mention is
Money ain’t the root of all evil now, attention is

(Chorus – Fabolous 2X)
Chilling, sitting in a Ghost, quarter million
While all these ni**a’s acting jealous in their feelings
Next few years, I’m a stack it to the ceiling
All for the love and keep killing, yeah

(Outro – DJ Clue)
DJ Clue, Loso, uh-huh
Live from the 718, ni**a
Those murder bars, fuego