Glasses Malone Ft. Kendrick Lamar – Thuggin Lyrics

The only way I’ve been practicing my whole life is to be responsible for what I do
I don’t know how to be responsible for what every black male did
I don’t know. Yes I am gonna say that I’m a thug
That’s because I came from the gutter and I’m still here

(Verse 1 – Glasses Malone)
I’m a mothaf**king thug, I hate paying taxes
Just hate it, I’m tryna f**k a couple actresses
If I don’t got it I’ma make it
Still don’t got it, I’ma take it
Run that s**t, take your sh**, that’s what I won’t do
Out here doing what I want to
Ni**a you do what you can
That’s the difference, I’m a mothaf**king man
I’m a man, ni**a, and as a man I don’t take that
I don’t do Versace, that’s that gay sh**
Yeah I said it, I’m a thug
I’m a thug, ni**a, guess I need a mothaf**king hug
Well dig my mama up and tell her give me one
Lotta ni**a’s say they’re real, I’m the realest one
I’m the realest, this exactly how I’m feeling, bruh
Ain’t no chilling, bruh
I’m a mothaf**king thug

(Chorus – Glasses Malone 4X)
I’m a mothaf**king thug

(Verse 2 – Glasses Malone)
It’s all about the Benjamins
Ni**a, f**k George Zimmerman
How it’s pistol versus hand?
Take your whooping like a mothaf**king man
Pu**y, damn, how hard can a kid hit?
And why them local rappers ain’t did s**t?
Lil Wayne said, F**k the Heat
Same local rapper ni**a’s wanted beef
Fun, brother versus brother
No hesitation when you face the same color
None, I’m saying what the f**k you ni**a’s stand for?
Guess it’s lost in the South, Jim Crow
Still I’m shooting in the gym
Thinking back, s**t I couldn’t hit the rim
Ni**a you should see my game now
If it’s a fully, ni**a aim down
Let the gun work
Super clean but I’ve done dirt
Talked the s**t until my tongue hurt
And I don’t run from skirmishes, ni**a
I’m a mothaf**king thug

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Kendrick Lamar)
Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself what I’m scared of
How dare the media portray me this way, I can hear the
Crowd screaming, the weirdest of chants, they all in my eara
Artist of era, role model I can’t
It’s like I’m a parrot, apparently I’m marking the dance
I seen done with the devil, such a ghetto romance
How many ni**a’s fall victim, looking at you trapped in the system
Mentally they kept you in prison, and you won’t get out, no one visit
Open up your mouth no one listen, you in denial, ni**a
I’m in denial with you, I dial dead homies numbers off this liquor
Time and time again I find myself inside the cerebellum
Of several felons, Orion’s belt couldn’t live in my world
I seen tigers, lions let lose, I’m next door to Earl
I guess I rely on Jesus to save us before I refer
The madness, my neighbours witness get mashed
The masses don’t know
I’m packing this four and harassing your ho
Antagonizing the business you love the most
See the difference to my approach is a 40 ounce at the store
If a forty bounce, to get low
I never learn, I’m hard headed
The corporate world don’t like it but I said it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Kendrick Lamar 2X)
Look in my eyes, what do you see?
God Orion lives in me

(Outro – Kendrick Lamar)
Thug, thug, all I ever was
Look around, all I ever done
Thug, thug, all I ever was
Look around, all I ever done
Thug, thug, all I ever was
Look around, all I ever done
Thug, thug, all I ever was
Look around