Alkaline – 10 Years Lyrics

10 years from now where we’ll end up?
Will I live the life that I’ve always dreamed of?
If mi dead a morning will nobody even give a f**k
How much a mi friend dem still a go deh yah suh?

10 years from now where will I be?
If the money and the fame cut who a go deh yah fi me?
How much more people a go RIP
Mi a enjoy life caw life real nuh f**k

(Verse 1)
Life is a mystery mi can tell you that
Yo deh yah good, good, and tomorrow yo drop
Member the days dem when Bogle did hot
Nobody never expect him fi go like that
Hey ten years from now dawg when mi look back
Will I be better off or forever broke
Wid all the flossing and the hype
And the bag a waste gyal be worth it when mi check it up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Waan fi, yeah mi waan fi
Live comfortable a 40
Weh smell suh? Somebody ask mi
Money stink, waan bathe, nasty
Rich suh till when mi si millions mi nuh want it
Mi pocket dem too shallow nothing cyaa fit
Fi si and enjoy riches would be lovely
Wid bag a money in a mi pocket a handbug mi

(Repeat Chorus)