Khago – My Life Lyrics

My life a my life
Suh mi do wa the f**k mi like

Your life a your life
Do wa the f**k you like

(Verse 1)
Mi life tell mi fi drink
It tell mi fi smoke
Straight high grade
Stay far from coke
Mi life tell mi seh
Mi neck fi stay far from rope
Platinum chain haffi deh round mi throat
Mi life tell mi seh mi fi work hard and rich
But when mi rich nuff friend a go switch
Smile infront yo face and dem heart it a glitch
Nuff nuh waan fi si the X6

Mi life tell mi fi clean like everyday
Suh mi naw gi mi life away
Suh every gyal round mi weh
A gi dem man bun from wa day

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi life tell mi seh nuff bwoy nuh like mi
True mi naw sell out the almighty
True the catty weh mi bump a yo wifey
A that’s why you waan tek mi life
Gaza prince just blast da one yah get a million views
Make sure da one yah haffi reach every news
Big up every gangster weh pay dem dues
Touch the road in a Jordan shoes yea
Cause a life wi seh
Naw gi wi life away

(Repeat Chorus)

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