Ryme Minista – Murder Di Pu**y Dem Lyrics

Bomboclaat, a talk some pu**y just a talk
Jamaica know dem a coward, coward
None a dem cyaa tell mi bout war
The whole world know dem a bowers

Mi wi murder the pu–y dem
Rifle shot a buss
Face clop down, a just yeah bomb buss
Canish nuh tell man fi hands up

(Verse 1)
Which bwoy waan tell mi bout war
When extension clip in a the bloodclaat glock a buss
And mi gun full a hollow point, hollow tip
Teflon clapper plus clip load like a bus
Shrub out bwoy, nuh chatting, nuh lot a cuss
Mi fire one in a yo head run go drop a dirt
Real black heart, f**king psycho bell
Mi rise the specialist, but a nuh the one weh Scatta bus

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh fraid a the short or the tall
Or the tattoo, or the bleach out
Or the black eye one deh
Hey bombohole watch wa you deh sing seh
Caw mi bad than every word in a the song deh
No an cyaa send no man come page mi
Dem done know seh the killers dem crazy
Because anywhere mi stand up weapon deh
Pu**y gwaan go tell yo dad seh, go s**k him mother

(Repeat Chorus)