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T Pain Ft. Vantrease – Personal Business [New Music]

Here’s some new music from T-Pain featuring Vantrease “Personal Business.”

Lamborghini dreams, bi**h I mean what I say
Do it for a purpose, you just here by mistake
Put that lobster over here by that steak
If you looking for some hits, I got ten on the way
I ain’t f**king with these ni**a’s, I’m an industry virgin
Penitentiary flows, reinventing the cold
Listen to these ni**a’s venting they soul, getting they hoes
F**k that raw then leave that bi**h in the cold, woah
I probably shouldn’t be doing this while I’m pissed off
Cast told me get in this bi**h and just get my s**t off

T Pain Ft. Vantrease – Personal Business Lyrics

Listen full track below.