T-Pain – 15 (The Iron Way) [New Music]

T-Pain been drinking all weekend on new track “15.”

Man I been drinking, drinking all weekend, stunting
I be rolling up in that big body, I’m hunting
I’m feeling fr**ky, f***king a Costa Rican like it’s nothing
I’m drunk as f**k and that’s the end of my discussion
I’m a bad role model, now look at how I’m rolling
Ball so hard, look like everything stolen
But a ni**a been hustling, a few budgets done got opened
I done brought a few hustlers in, got c**ked back and reloaded
Now I’m getting at these hoes, getting at these hoes
I don’t give a f**k if they dimes, I’m throwing pennies at these hoes
But I might hit the strip club and get busy on these hoes
Or counting out some of these ones just depending on my mode

T-Pain – 15 (The Iron Way) Lyrics

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