T-Pain – Disa My Ting Feat. Kardinal Offishall & KK Holiday Lyrics

(Verse 1 – T-Pain)
Welcome to epicness, I’m so dope and it’s effortless
Yeah I’m trnya brag and boast, if you looking for the s**t ni**a step in this
Disa my ting, hoes in back room kissing my ring
Ready for the day, hit me with the Visine
Getting to the money, counting up the ice cream
Me a baller boy, she with me, you better not call her boy
Imma pass her round to all my boys
Cause she want the nuts like Almond Joy
Yeah, price tag don’t matter, if it ain’t about money then it’s just chit chatter
Bank account steady climbing up the ladder
You can literally see all of my pockets getting fatter
But I’m over your head, southern folk prolly getting swole in the head
But your girlfriend calling, wait
Something just broke in the bed
Nappy boy, win squad, ni**a that’s my team
Balling, stunting, drinking, smoking, ni**a
Disa my ting

(Chorus – KK Holiday)
Disa my soul and the chrome because disa my ting
I got mister and I’ll meet you, disa my ting
If you want to make da money then funny cause disa my ting
Your..stop me, them other girls copy cause disa my ting
Here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go
F*** ni**a, disa my ting
B***h ni**a, disa my ting
Pu**y ho, disa my ting
Disa my ting, disa my ting

(Verse 2 – T-Pain)
Pimping since been pimp a*s ni**a
Whipping expensive whips a*s ni**a
They be tryna hold me but they know
I got a Rolex that’ll make your f**king wrist go limp my ni**a
You a zip my ni**a, I bet your pocket full of lint my ni**a
Errybody knows that I put it on these hoes
Got it sounding like a motherf**king chimp, my ni**a
Welcome to the jungle dog, Balenciaga by the bundles dog
My bi**h got to put a helmet on
My wide receiver don’t fumble balls
I’m rich as f**k and y’all like that sh**
Smoke good ni**a, light that spliff
Throwing money in the club, make it right back bi**h
And I’m drinking like I don’t know what a nightcap is
Cause I ball too much, money too heavy and I’m crutch
Get a quarter pound of the kush, f**k around later on put it all in the dutch
Nappy boy, win squad, ni**a that’s my team
Balling, stunting, drinking, smoking, ni**a
Disa my ting

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Kardinal Offishall)
Yo f**k boy disa my ting
When the girl said this is my king
Ay boy really like him
I’m a dog, big up the Vikings
Physics couldn’t see me when I’m on a mission
No sidekick, just a ni**a with a trigger and a cool head
Pause for the cause, I’m a boss for the boss
I’m an OG with a G tucked in my drawers
I’m ahead of my time, with an animal rhyme
Like when it’s Busta Rhymes
Got to finesse all my lines, got to impress all the dimes
When they see me right away they know disa my ting
I don’t play no games, yo this is my ring
Champion team, autograph the jersey
Melt them bars like Hershey
Lot of mercy, purse me, just don’t push me
Don’t make me lift up your skirt, expose your
I don’t rate ya, to me your garbage
Couple bodyguards, don’t make it the hardest
Artist, no sir, just a punk in a fur
I’m a hunk, and I don’t smoke skunk, just
The bass been in your trunk, clip your wing
If a pu**y wanna test, disa my ting

(Repeat Chorus)