A Little More – Machine Gun Kelly (Feat. Victoria Monet) Lyrics

(Chorus – Victoria Monet)
I scream at the top of my lungs
But my voice couldn’t save this home
You’re proud of the guns you hold
What’s left now? Where do we go?

(Verse 1 – Machine Gun Kelly)
I had a dream that the world changed
And for a minute there was no pain
Instead of presidents and old sayings
I heard lyrics from Kurt Cobain
Then I wake up to see the world’s ill
Ocean’s tainted from the oil spills
How many kids have these wars killed?
How many families can afford deals?
I wish I could let the world know
That it’s okay to let the pain show
And even though times seem bad
It always rains before the rainbow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Victoria Monet & Machine Gun Kelly
I think we all
We all need a little more love
I think we all
We all need a little more love
We just need
A little more love
The world needs
A little more love

(Verse 2 – Machine Gun Kelly)
In my hood money equals power
And in the world money controls everything we believe in
I can see we’re in our darkest hour
Cause it feels like the government just is as crooked as the police
I spent the weekend catching up on the news
A girl committed suicide after she was bullied at school
Cause some dudes told her she wasn’t cool
But you’d rather gossip about a famous person breaking the rules
I’m confused, tell me is my life’s price worth to choose?
They told me fight night I’m supposed to lose
Just cause in hindsight, they don’t like my type
White boy with some rhythm and blues

(Repeat Chorus, Repeat Bridge)

(Verse 3 – Machine Gun Kelly)
You can give up like they tell you
Stop like they tell you
Be scared to dream for the top like they tell you
But I’m tryna tell you, f**k what they tell you

I think we, uhh
And in these dark times
As a part of a generation they claim can’t be saved it’s important to know we’re not blind
We see the truth through blue and dark eyes
I would rather die on my feet then my knees
If I can’t live free right now in the world we just need a little more love

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  1. A true modern song so great