Voicemail – Zunto Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal the way how you standing I just wanna wine on you
Rumba da body deh fi mi nuh gyal meck mi si weh you can do
Wining is a art, you have that from the start
Every time you wine girl I know what I want

Zunto fi mi nuh gyal
Zunto fi mi nuh gyal
Drop da body to the left
And drop to the right
And back it up paw mi nuh gyal

Rumba fi mi nuh gyal
Mix it up and just rumba fi mi nuh gyal
Cause the way how da body moving and bouncing
I know that it’s official

(Verse 2)
Exercise time now gyal time fi sign up
Boring gyal yo know yo time up
Body fi a move, body fi a wine up
And mi bad gyal dem you know dem turn up
Gyal everything weh you do yes mi like
And nuh just yesterday or tonight
Suh just move da body to the left
To the right
Wi dancing to zunto tonight

(Repeat Chorus 3X)