Gage – Bad Man War Lyrics

Mi naw left none a dem, none a dem
Mi naw left none a dem, none a dem
Mi naw left none, mi seh mi naw left none

(Verse 1)
To how the clip dem swell
Dem a test it fi nums
Buss bwoy head that fall like plums
Mi is the nerd, dem is the tugs
In a bright man war you a dead if you dunse

Two in to neck, 10 in to lungs
3 in to back, that a simple sums
Head mash like, like pringle crumbs
When Justus bring dem come

When dem come, don’t left none
Everything done, mi and mi friend dem wi fling dem down
Stitch up the cloth till the pin dem done
No think through yo head bird a sing dem dumb
If a rat, the rat trap pin dem down
If a car, mi know wi a skin dem now
Wi nuh care, if a fish the rifle dem swim dem down
Which path yo come from, which path yo run
Taller ball a rifle don’t know none
Bwoy could a bad till kingdom come
Him a lose some, a could a Mrs Winsome son

Walking gun, two judgement day fi the whole a mi sind em dun
That a my sins in a Kingston town
Clarendon bad man don’t know none

Gun under mi bed, that why mi seh gyal over gun
Bwoy nuh waan walk near Clarendon
And you nuh know bout hanover gun

Buss people big head
Shot a beat like tick over drum
And you nuh know bout Canaanites
And when yo pass through form don’t stop round a none

(Verse 2)
From wa day, a Gage a the talk a the town
Pop off, clap off, shot head off a clown
Every camouflage, and every scheme mask
Suh yo know man ready fi go circle yo town

Meck mi talk, a nuh fronds that a fronds
Early morning in a blood that a drown
Police, people and chanka seh run
And a seh dem cyaa believe wa just go down
Clip after clip, rounds after rounds
Shot it meck hi back, black, man get brown
Point, point, a view when mi gun in yo face
No bwoy nuh live fi talk how mi gun sound
Mercy please, none never shown
Gun upgrade like galaxy phone
Matches the cratches weh act like Simone
And a bet yo from today dem leave us alone
Purplex mi brain, f–k round mi don’t
Something weh chrome it a sing like Shalone
Way couple pound, mi nuh leave it alone
Yo nuh know bout mi friend dem from Spanish Town

(Repeat Chorus)