OG Maco – Night Like This (Remix) ft. Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

(Chorus – OG Maco)
On a night like this, on a night like this
Who knows what we sipping oonn
On a night like this
Room full of clouds we’ve been chiefing strong
On a night like this
We hope it never ends as we get this on]
On a night like this 2X

(Verse 1 – OG Maco)
We the type to get it lit
Fire in our lungs watch you smoking onn
Have you ever faced a zip wholesale
Rolling in a joint
Ask Corbing if you think im playing
Kush club captain
Bi**h the f*** you saying
These ni**a’s ain’t saying nothing
Like they bank statements
You don’t love this money
You just love complaining
I’m just contemplating
Now we laughing in they face
Haha, haha
In a Challenger to dodge a case
Au revoir
We just screaming out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
On a night like this
I’m just tryna have some motherf**kin fun
On a night like this
I ain’t tryna argue with my baby moms
Cut my phone off, I’m in my zone I’m in my zone
If you ain’t Taylor’d, then I don’t know y’all no
I won’t stalk your Instagram no
I ain’t tryna be your man no
Get some pu**y on a night like this
Turn up on a night like this

(Repeat Chorus)