(Chorus – Jeremih)
She don’t know about real ni**as, she don’t know no boss
She don’t know about foreign cars, she don’t what that cost
She don’t know about love, she don’t know what that is
She don’t know about riding round and spending it like this
F**k with a ni**a like me, wanna f**k with a ni**a like me
Now she wanna f***
F**k with a ni**a like me, wanna f**k with a ni**a like me
Hit the club with a ni**a like me
Do drugs with a ni**a like me
Fall in love with a ni**a like me
And never love another nig, never love another ni**a like me

(Verse 1 – Lil Durk)
Have you ever met a Chi town ni**a?
Girl I heard you need a go getter
You ain’t never meet a rapper
With the swag of a savage and a dope dealer
I’m the realest ni**a that you see
I know you tired of them other ni**a’s
Heard he brought you a bag for a G
Why you f**king with them broke ni**a’s?
Gingerale in a fifth of liquor
Where you going girl I’m going with ya
Ride with me cause I’m number one
Two bi**hes might come in the middle
Fly to Vegas, red eye
Legs in the air, call it jet life
Shawty give me top with the neck like
Sh** gave me life, I can’t get right, can’t get right

(Verse 2 – Jeremih)
Got you cruising water on a hundred
Got your tempo on a hundred, let it bubble up
Need a bad bi**h, tryna be a bad girl
You know I’m tryna trouble up
Buy everything she wants two times, baby double up
Say she need more ni**as out here like me
Cause there’s not enough

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Durk)
You ain’t never been in my town ni**a
A good place to go but the murder rate’s so ridiculous
Fell in love with some R&B bi**h
And I know that it’s good for the fame and the image
Shawty gave me head like a penny
But she should coco
Ain’t really been in love in a minute
It won’t hurt if none know about me
No make up you look better with your mask off
Rich ni**a wanna buzz, like to brag y’all
But a ni**a like me, ain’t no ni**a like me
I’m a Boss, Hugo
Rich ni**a since birth, you know
You my bi**h don’t get mad, Cujo
Ni**a like me
I’m that ni**a, ni**a
Getting money since a little ni**a
Shawty thinks she the s**t
But she could be a little thicker
F**k on my name and a little liquor
I got em pissed, I’m the s**t ni**a
So why do they hate? I gotta get cake
These ni**a’s so fake, so stay out my way
Ain’t too many ni**as like me

(Repeat Chorus)