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Tessanne Chin Confirmed Split With Husband Ask For Privacy

Tessanne Chin has confirmed that she and her husband of four years Michael Cuffe Jr have split.

Urban Islandz broke the story last week after sources close to the couple tipped us off that Cuffe moved out of their marital home and is temporarily living with a close friend.

On Monday, Tessanne Chin posted a message on Instagram and Facebook thanking her fans for their concerns and also asking for privacy.

“I truly appreciate your love and concern and I’m grateful for your respect of our privacy at this time,” Tessanne said.

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Michael Cuffe has also broken his silence via Twitter while taking shots at the media.

“I used to say my life is an open book but this is ridiculous ???? Tessanne is and always will be my best friend who I absolutely love!,” Cuffe tweeted.


  1. Romario Aataa Lewis

    hmm disqus here too? cool. Well let’s just leave them alone now..

  2. such an inspiring couple……..most times we let the media and pride break up a good thing….and again i say” PRIDE” ..forget the bloody public and fix it……


  4. listen i think you should all mine your own life suppose she was ment to be with someone else or suppose she wants some alone time so i suggest just mine your own frigin life please

    • I love them they need to try and work it out so sad

      • This is what the media does. Celebs have no privacy. Luckily they are not as popular as Jayz and Beyonce, Kim and Kanye to name a few.
        I just hope they work it out.

  5. Wish you both all the best. Jah bless

  6. I am sorry to hear but not completely surprised. They have both been through a whirlwind, roller coaster ride over the last two years, such changes can place a toll on even the strongest marriages. They are young, and with time and space I hope they work it out. They seem just right for each other, and you can tell that there is a lot of love still there

  7. Leave people business alone and go and mind your own, he who without sin and problem cast the first stone, today is some one trouble tomorrow its your disaster. we all live in to a glass house sometime in our lives. Blessings!

  8. To the fans and contributors attacking Tessanne; Don’t you think it would be better and more intelligent to learn facts before writing your trash? You do not even know if Michael wasn’t the cause for the split. Even then, it’s not your business. I just pray you all don’t send this young promising artist to an early grave with the venomous effect of your tongue/fingers as you have already done to other artist/stars.

    • Tess with every bad mouth u will get stronger it happens to every one so dont allow this to break you ur strong give god a chance put him first

  9. 1 year after winning the voice, their marriage is in shambles. coincidence??? nah

  10. The couple has asked that we respect their privacy at this time. It’s not a time for accusations and speculations. The best we can do at this time is to pray them through this period and speak words to encouragement to them both. Tessanne and Michael I love you both and just know there is nothing the God cannot reconcile. All the best.

  11. im assuming she used him and when she got done she dropped its known fact Chinese asians that type and others normally do not marry out side their race unless the person is rich and they are trying to get something out of them.

  12. Young Cuffe, not sure why you could n ot have seen the fact, that if a judge assisted you wife to launch her career internationally, then there has to be a measure of quid pro quo!!!! Wake up and smell the roses young lad!

  13. Before the fame and fortune there was love. Money will make you see all the faults in a person that you couldn’t see before…
    Root of all evil

  14. if i could only get the chance to talk to them both ….. bt i cant bt i hope u both will c this ….. for every problem there is a solution n blieve me divorce is not one of them!!! it may take mins, days, mths, even yrs bt i implore u both put God in the midst n c wht happen bcause clearly u both love each n this is not ‘diary of a mad black woman’. chupz stop oonuh foolishness … find oonuh strength …!!! ipray tht God will join u both with cords tht are unbroken in JESUS name … Amen!!!

  15. Hope they can pull through this because they clearly love each other. Every couple goes through a rough patch.