Mavado – A Boy Like Me Lyrics

A boy like me, boy like me
Ugly boy like me
If a never fi the pretty Benz key
Shi would a never waan pree

Bwoy like me, a bwoy like me
A dutty bwoy like me
If a never fi the house pon the sea
Shi would a never waan see

(Verse 1)
Si mi golden wagon
Weh shape out like dragon
Seh shi love the world weh mi create
Shi si the house pon the hill wid the biggest gate
Is a double world mi a create

That’s why mi dress to impress
Mi search the gyal dem interest
Sex is all mi expect
Nuh watch tv movies
Cause every gyal know of my flow
Mister fast never move slow
Ma ladies know, quarter pass 4
If you naked that deh condoe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Nikki is a pretty beauty
Dem a seh shi bad and is a groupie
Mi care and a fi mi duty
Every rebel gyal haffi salute mi
She bad, me bad and shi nuh care
Shi wi f**k and then shi cut
And shi nuh care to
If you is a gyal clown shi wi steer you
If a you run the street shi wi fear you
But wi nuh run follow back a gyal
Shi a go mi mother or shi a go collateral
Gyal a wild out like bacchanal
This yah black bwoy meck dem waan cafinal

(Repeat Chorus)