Fabolous – Take It Easy (Freestyle) Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Fabolous)
I said too many swag raps and not enough rhymes
Too many watches and not enough time
But today I got time cuz goodnight to you lames
I’m just over you ni**a’s Suge Knight in the Range
Might take a few shots I should write in a range
Cause I’m trying to get the paper used to write in my aim
And that make you a target, I will make you a carpet
Have the wolves on you again, make you a Garnett
Ni**a’s trying to eat don’t have me make you the market
B***hes want it now f**k that take you tomorrow sh**
Shorty he ain’t copping he couldn’t take you to Target
Get your roll on I take you under the arm pit
Take you to the star sh** he just take you to Starlets
Never let a stock boy take you off of the market
Your b***h boring like her first name is Margaret
My b**h foreign like her last name is Vargas
And shorty miss me I been grinding all week really
Came home to a Minaj like Meek Milly
She call me hit and run I’m like freak really?
I made two hundred all star week silly
Made enough dough to make biscuits for the whole block
I don’t spend time I hit the district for a gold watch
My lil homie, his biscuit is a old Glock
He catch a square and put the Triscuit in a gold box

So take it easy, I told you ni**a’s, giving passes ain’t easy
I’m ruthless like EZ, want beef? I’m like Ruth’s Chris that’s easy
Take your top off make you roofless that easy
Desert Eagle nickname D-easy, bullets pass Romo to D-easy What up Dez? Bryant
In New York I’m a Giant, I’m like Victor Cruz with chicks to choose
Met a chick at Sue’s her dress fit so well, best catch you done seen since Odell
Ni**a’s like ex’s probably say I’m not s**t, if you ain’t got haters you probably ain’t got s**t
Love me in L.A. on some Hollywood Pac sh**
Love me in The A up in Follies I’m the hot sh**
Love MIA twenty mamis in the spot s**t
Love me in my city don’t try me with the THOT s**t
I’m on some rapper run up probably get shot s**t
Star on the ground Hollywood block sh**
I got the check and the stripes word to Yeezy
So easy, you ni**a’s gotta’ take it easy

Girl singing
Gotta take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta take it easy, whaaaaat