RDX – True Friend Lyrics

Good friend better than pocket money
No sell out fi the jeans and jacket money
Man fi a spend like wi traffic money
Mi naw left out mi linky dem

Big up yo true friend
Naw talk bout no new friend
Stick by you like glue friend
You would a hurt if you lose dem
My friend dem real

Real like the chain paw mi neck
Real like the money weh mi meck
No fake like the king in a the deck

My friend dem real
Real like the gucci weh wi rock
Real dem a have wi head back
No fake like the coocles weh a flock
A so wi dweet paw wi block

(Verse 1)
True friend naw go be no hypocrite
naw smile in a yo face then waan dash yo in a pit
True friend naw chat yo like no bi–h
And dem heart clean hi no come wid no switch
The friend dem weh true dem care fi yo
All when nothing naw gwaan dem still cheer fi yo
When the funds run low dem wi pay fi yo
And naw style yo in a no way hi no

But some bwoy a come wid dem plastic hail
Wi know dem fake like a false window nail
But dem cyaa stop the boat from sail
Wi slap dem over the fence like Chris Gayle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
True friend deh, deh, when the liquor done
Dem no only si yo anytime the liquor run
True friend hold up yo respect
All when yo argue dem still not have it a ground
But some bwoy a come bout bless up mi king
Mi big up and rate every song unuh sing
You know a follow that a go be beg you a thing
Tomorrow dem seh stone him and dem first a fling

Wi real dem a come wid dem badmind hail
Crush dem out and dash dem weh like spliff tail
Caw dem cyaa stop wi boat from sail
Wi slap dem out a the park like Chris Gayle

(Repeat Chorus)