Shawn Storm – Beef Lyrics

My beef a nuh burger
Mi have supn weh a stitch yoy like surger
Bwoy cyaa seh you never herd a
Anywhere mi pass through know seh a murder

If yo si mi catty wid a bomb from Persia
Hi paint the road wid supn like berger
Quick silver in a mi head
Wid a likkle bit a gun powder to the merger

(Verse 1)
Right now mi ignorant
So much a dem the boss gi a push start
A better dem pu**y did still a push cart
Dem degrade dem self, bad weed, bush grass
The last will be first, and the first shall be last
Suh right now a me everybody endorse
Every hot gyal from UWI
A broadcast Shawn Storm name

Mi a think money suh mi haffi think fast
Mi naw pree fi floss a dance wid
Mi check my money when time the brinks pass
Ghetto youth low the crime, think smart
You nuh si no more gyal a road a wear two shorts
Every gyal step up in a molding class
Yo cyaa too tight like
Gyal fi get money suh no man cyaa tackling task

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh play, mi nuh skin teeth
No mi wi spring fi him
Mack 11 claat, the 45 spring fi him
Mi nuh tek drape nor box
Mi nuh kinky
Mi wi left yo face full a hole like kings street
When mi waan get high, go link fi it
Two bills bag a one grabber
That stink hee
Weed a mi linky, meck mi si blinky
Mi nuh tek coke after mi nuh Bruce Bringsteel

Girls from Linsted call mi fi ling seed
Strengthen back Irish-mash Linsted
Likkle bit a roots without the boots
Twin breed
Mi f**k the most gyal in a the west indies
Party buss gun old like Gimreebs
Clean everyday, berberry tops, slim sleeve
Mi nuh wear man pants
Gaza forever mi nuh care who

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2x)