Justin Bieber Gets Roast And Take It With Humility

Justin Bieber took a u-turn last year but we never took him serious until his roast on Comedy Central last weekend.

The Bieber we saw getting roast on Comedy Central is a far cry from the one we saw over the last few years.

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With stars including Kevin Hart, Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O’Neal, Ludacris, and Jeffrey Ross.

“Tonight we’re gonna do what his parents and the legal system should have done a long time ago,” Kevin Hart said. “We’re about to give this boy an ass-whoopin’ that he deserves.”

In his defense, Justin Bieber says that he has turned a new page in his life and career.

“I turned a lot of people off the past few years,” the pop star said. “There was no preparing me for this life. I got thrown into this, 12 years old. There are moments I’m proud of and things I’ve done that don’t define who I am. I look forward to being someone you’re proud of. … I’m excited to see what’s next. You have my word — I will not end up broken, pathetic, bitter or sitting on someone else’s roast. I’m at a moment of change. This is a new day.”