Bugle – Speak Yuh Mind Lyrics

Speak yo mind and dont care who waan cut
Speak yo mind and dem hear it cause dem nuh deaf
I man dont care who waan pree
Only the truth can set I free
Speak yo mind cause dem cyaa curse who Jah, Jah, bless

(Vere 1)
The world know long time seh mi is a God bless man
Mi tell dem already seh mi a no yes man
Mi conscience free like the birds and the beas
So mi mind mi nuh have not a thing a rest pon
If a that fi yo like mi dont like mi then
Mi nah tell yuh no lie fi be yo friend
A look a friend fi agree wid
Everything yo pree
Mi a tell yuh then seh the friendship end

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi done promise selassi high that a my bet
If a the life fi meck mi live caw mi a dead
Mi couldn’t tell nobody seh blue green
And me couldn’t tell nobody seh black a red
Yo si my entourage a no now a godness
That simple mean wi no deal wid wagonist
Dem seh the truth hurt
But a wid it mi worth
Cause the lie dem weh yuh a tell just nah go work

(Repeat Chorus)