Laden – Dip An Come Up Lyrics

Gyal, love it when yo dip and come up
Gyal, come yah meck wi kiss a an rub up
Gyal, go paw yo hand cause yo wrist naw go broke
Gyal, yuh inna heels but yuh still can stand up

Gyal, jump pon di bike and c–k up
Gyal, caw yuh know yuh have bumpa nuff
Gyal, set like pon dumper truck
Gyal, gyal yuh have hotness tun up

(Verse 1)
Sit down in mi saddling, I love that
Yuh a one Jackie, yuh no ride and drop
Buss di new style name wine and kotch
Even though yo daddy seh it kinda slack

Yuh still a buss di new style
How yo waist a move so? Yuh mussi used oil
Split pon di ground and touch di new tile
Get mad inna di place and start move high

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Work di pole gyal, work di pole
Come yah meck mi mash it up like a circuit board
When mi bring yo paw mi endz a no nursing home
And mi seh gyal mi wi keep yo warm
Mi seh worst hi cold
Turn yo waist like a bicycle spokes
From di maga bwoy yo get some nice likkle strokes
Mi hold yo neck give yuh a tight likkle choke
The gyal a get mad like shi try likkle nope

(Repeat Chorus)