Bounty Killer – Dah Sumn Deh Lyrics

Gangsta nuh go lean fi stay clean
Wi nuh do da supn deh

No bwoy cya pull mi jeans
Mi nuh do da supn deh

Straight like a arrow and a suh wi a go stay
Badman nuh do da supn deh

Killer you nuh beg people things
Wi nuh do da supn deh

Nuh bwoy cyaa touch mi skin
Mi nuh do da supn deh

Do fitness, but mi nuh go a gym
Yo mad, badman nuh do da supn deh

(Verse 1)
Big up all who pass the gate straight
Cause nuff a dem buss up fi break
Nuff a dem rich and cyaa stand up straight
Certain bwoy mi nuh rate cause dem name pon the tape
Fish stay in a yo lane
I can declare my own cause mi work fi mine
A nuh funny man thing mi join
But some a dem bwoy yah things stop a 69
Fi stay clean dem a sip the wine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Jamaica mi born straight
That’s why mi live straight
Nothing bout mi nuh feminine
Caw mi nuh fish bate
None a mi pants naw drop off a this waist
Badman nuh meck dem deh mistake

Well fi the man dem a dress up like girl is a disgrace
Some bwoy waan look smooth like brick and lace
Dem look like a b***h face
But is a bullet a go tek dem out a this place

(Repeat Chorus 3X)