Curtis Scoon Suing 50 Cent For Stealing “Power” Concept

50 Cent could have a lawsuit on the way for allegedly stealing the concept for his Power series.

A man name Curtis Scoon could be suing the rap titan claiming that the hit series was originally his idea.

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Last month Scoon publicly blasted 50 Cent on Twitter saying a lawsuit is imminent.

“I think I’m gonna breakdown my imminent lawsuit this morning for all to see this morning. Even my mom told me I have to file.,” Scoon wrote.

“Back in ’08 I got some press in the NY Post PAGE SIX section for my script 10-13 (Officer Down). The true story of the Edward Byrne killing,” he added.

“That’s the same project 50 Cent referred to on 5/30/14 during his Breakfast Club interview. He mentioned me by name and the project at 41:00”

Sources close to the project told Urban Islandz that Curtis Scoon is going ahead with his lawsuit after talks with 50 Cent break down.

“A lawsuit will be filed sooner than later as both parties couldn’t agree on any terms,” the source told us.

50 Cent already has a lawsuit to settle in relation to his SMS Audio headphone line.