Shawn Storm – Money Money Lyrics

Da one yah name
Money, money
Money, money
Fi da year yah

Money, money
Money, money
Mi nuh have no time fi si dirty ni**a
When mi a meck dutty money

Money, money
Riverton, money, money

The dump full a money, money
Money, money

Mi naw play syman fool
Mi go salmon school
Suh a money, money

(Verse 1)
Tek a grand turn it in a million
Then yo turn a million in a ten million
Nuh bother floss and buy no mini van
Silly man, better you tek it buy a likkle land
In a Jamaica full up a rezilian
Suh yo better aim high
Higher than Pavlovian
Yo better full a style similar to Gidigon
Else poverty a ride and you a the billion
Suh mi meck a gram from a milligram
Brinks the money send it in a telegram
Mi girlfriend hairstyle a Brazilian
And mi daughter fi get a likkle pram
Mi naw dead poor that nuh in a fi mi plan
Big house 3 car, big bike, billion
Mi nuh Syrian next to Iran
Money a porridge mi a si the man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From the days of bay spanking
Mi believe in a Bengemine Franklin
Us dollar banking
Gun cranking
Fi the hater da thing deh proper than hog skin
But fi get the money nuh go do the wrong thing
Go look a 9 to 5 or get a song sing
Promoter, promoter like Don King
Build a stall wid a money boxing
No do nothing fishy, no go turn a dolphin
No kiss no pu**y, youth that a waan sin
Hustle fi the money right suh you can bring
Another ghetto youth go foreign
BUild some whole sail similar to Mister Chin
Caw down in a the ghetto man tired a famine
Mi nuh thief, mi nuh too like robbing
Nor badman, suh mi low that to Sassing

(Repeat Chorus)