Busy Signal – WhatsApp Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal link mi pon whatsapp
From shi link shi nuh stop chat
Tell mi seh shi waan wine paw mi fat c**k
Shi seh the signal good mi have the hotspot
And her favorite position a back shot
Seh shi want it all night shi nuh lock shop
Go down pon her head shi have that lock
Bad gyal, shi a 31 in a cash pot
Love how shi open up the supn like a laptop
Mi waan si breast suh mi tell her fi drop top
Disturb the neighbors dem nuh stop act
Mi a work, mi a work, mi nuh stop rock
From yo seh gyallis the key mi have that lock
A suh mi pull over gyal like a top roc
Squeeze mi gyal caw yo tight like a nat nat
When yo brace back it up pon the waknat
Shi gi mi all weh shi got in a the all night

Winey, gyal mi love how you wine pon the thing
All night winey
Yea, mi loving the vibe weh you bring

All night winey
Seh when you bubble hi, bubble hi and thing

In a the all night winey
Late night or early morning

(Verse 2)
Gyal text mi pon ig
Am not for purchase cyaa buy me
Big bad and bolt you like Chine
Caw man a bedroom bully
No gyal no where in a the world nuh too size me
Could a black American or even Chine
Anywhere the turf deh gyal a find me
Eighteenth or older
Any gyal step to the turf mi a pon yo ID
And gyal a tell mi seh mi wicked and mi wild hee
Sexy cute gyal mi love off yo stylie
Caw man a gyallis from birth
And gyal alone tie me
In a the all night winey

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)