LHHHollywood: Ray J Got A Beat Down From Princess Love

Ray J got a beat down from his girlfriend Princess Love who ended up behind bars as a result of the vicious fight.

Princess Love is known to be a hot head and she and her Love and Hip Hop Hollywood boo regularly got into it according to sources.

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The alleged incident went down last week Wednesday at a hotel in New Orleans. TMZ reported that Ray J was out at a strip club with some TV producers before going back to his hotel room where Princess Love attacked him.

“I’m gonna kill you,” she screamed. She basically beat Ray J to a bloody pulp before he escaped and ran out of the hotel room.

Security called in the cops and Princess was arrested. What was even more strange is that Ray J was the one who posted her bail and foot her lawyer bill.

Ray J reportedly crack several ribs, got a busted lip and a tore ACL.