Agent Sasco – Bad Lyrics

Dem a seh dem bad
Anybody can seh dem bad
Mi hear gyal a beat dem in a dem yard
Not even in deh dem bad
Suh wi waan know, waan know a weh dem bad

Cho, everybody can seh dem bad
Seh dem bad
Nuff a dem a dream bout badness
A just in a dem head dem bad

(Verse 1)
Some a up town bad
And some a down town bad
Some bad in a dem area
Hometown bad
Nuff a seh dem bad a mussi Michael Jackson
Caw dem waan the Motown bad
Wi born so bad, grow so bad
Yo dis YVP wi beat you oh so bad
The badder son badder
Yo wouldn’t know dem a bather true dem sound so bad

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Seh dem bad, but a dem alone seh it
Light like paper nuh carry no weight
Dis round seven dem dead around eight
If a eight corn, violate get around eight
We bad, people nuh haffi seh dem bad
Wi nuh haffi talk because wi K dem bad
YVP production suh bad
Unuh have the singer dem, the DJ dem bad

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi really waan fi know a from when dem bad
Kentire, Down Kerk, whole a mi friend dem bad
Nuh mention Baytas, Grans magos
Whole a mi friend dem bad
A nuh pretend dem a prtend
A natural dem bad
Differently know mi love the gyal dem bad
The gyal dem seh any man done talk bout badness
A oral dem bad