Jahmiel Ft. Navino – New Money Lyrics

Old Harbor RD seh a new money
If a nuh shearer then a the blue money

Haffi take care a you mommy
Toys Pen man naw move funny

Capture Land, Junction
Cause if you violate then a

Youth them fi go a school an
Man a suffer too long

(Verse 1)
Wi nuh sleep, wi nuh know bed
Youth dem a Home Sted
Wi hustle hard, don’t beg
Take a next plane pressure dem brain
Feather bed lane, money every metalic crain
Youth dem have all these
Hustle fi the threader but a cyaa cheese
Chans RD 31 6 91
Waan own a place like the Chine man

Delavaga, when wi meck a paper
Things fi mi sister and mi brother pay fa
And mi naw meck mommy head full a pressure
Worst the belly fi mi girl
The friend big up
Yo know a look man a look it in a terminus
A money wi a pree
Suh when you si March pen you get nerminous

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Money in a pocket, house in a every scheme
Ghetto youth dream a fi stay clean
Big up every man from signam scheme
Straighter than a pants seem
Portmore a Elta Skelta black
Mi haffi big up youths from shelter rock
Jones Avenue know wa you haffi know
Loriston, Makes Pen
Wi nuh too chat it out

Bread pon Africa, money haffi in a dem pocket yah
Low the youth dem officer
Weh the feelings a carry fa
From Magregor Lane to Muffler
Wi a real hustler
Mogoaks Pen to Congo Town
Still a hunt it all when the sun go down

(Repeat Chorus)