Glow (feat. Iyanya & Khago) Lyrics

And they say she a mad girl and that’s what they say
My ni**a mi muh really care
Mi seh shi a rude girl and I like her that way
She’s one of a kind
Follow mi likkle light glow
The way that you go
Dem seh you evil meck dem know
Little light glow

(Verse 1)
Dem seh shi a mad gyal because shi a pree mi
Tell mi seh shi love mi from the first day shi see mi
Really, shi give mi loving everyday
Caw shi nuh matter wa yo say

From wi a go a school shi know seh man a charmer
Even though mi might fall
Shi nuh bother watch the drama
Dem cyaa believe shi love mi in a mi one Khago shorts
The daddy and the mother seh fi meck da love yah pass
Caw shi know seh man a bwal suh shi start
Wipe the tears from your eyes baby
She love me freely

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Anything that you do dem a criticize
When you in the club dem weak in eyes
Caw you the lady for the street they idolize
Nuh you the ni**a’s dem want to die for
They say the booty that you got so wrong
That’s why your mommy always want you around
You wanna queen me away from the crown

(Repeat Chorus)