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Ludacris – Truffle Butter (Freestyle) [New Music]

Just winning custody of his one year old daughter in a battle with his ex, Luda is still trying to snatch your ears instead of eyes by making new music. The rapper drop a new freestyle entitled “Truffle Butter.”

Flyer than the G6
Another Luda verse
No this is not a remix
Lick this, so maybe you get seasick
But that’s none of my business
So Curmit he sip, he sick

We flipping the sixteenth
To getting cream, a tip a the sip lean
But I rather take a shot at that lui the 16
That’s right am a fit king
See me on a big screen

Ludacris – Truffle Butter (Freestyle) Lyrics

Listen track below.

One Comment

  1. He sucks now I’m sorry his time is up his flow ain’t what it used to be back in the days when he was popppinnnnn like he fell off his time is done ok sorry