Lady Saw Calls Out Mariah Carey For Lip Syncing At Jamaica Jazz Fest

Marion Hall, better known is dancehall circles as Lady Saw, is calling out Mariah Carey for lip syncing her performance at last weekend’s Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival.

Mariah Carey came under fire for her lackluster performance that saw some patrons walking out of the venue including Lady Saw.

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Loop caught up with Lady Saw while Mariah was on stage where she expressed her disappointment.

“I was at the front right there and she was lip syncing,” the dancehall icon said. “And I was disappointed so I left. Unfortunately, you know artists like us we have to sing from the gut and I mean we don’t even get money like her, so I was like why is this. I think when an artist go on stage they should be delivering from start to finish because it is how the people get their money’s worth and right now I see the people them looking sad at the front.”

Mariah Carey was the headlining act at the 2015 Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival. This is her first performance on Jamaican soil.


  1. Lady is ????right it’s disrespectful for Mariah to do that people pay their hard earn money to see her .I think she is having a lot of personal problems . She needs to realize what happened go back to JA and give the people a better show .

  2. Who cares, not everyone is up to par at all times.

    • i dont like her music but to answer your question people who spend the money to go to a concert care. if they wanted to listen to a recording of the artist they paid for they would just buy the damn 10 doller cd or listen on youtube but when you pay an average of 50 bucks on a ticket you expect more then a cd running behind the stage