Masicka – How Di Thing Go Lyrics

mi have 4 gyal, 6 gyal, 7 gyal, 10
Mi have more than 11 gyal friend
And dem know mi a, dem know mi a

How di thing go? Man a hot stepper in a di street
Hell gringo
Anyweh mi go mi get a gyal
Gyalingo, spliff a light up, weed a fly through di window

Mi no done talk Grands Pen how the thing go?
Seh yuh a go dis mi when yo si mi, mi no thing suh
Stand right yah so bwoy gwaan fi yo links no
Mi no dis jack but supn a go spin suh
How di, how, di, how di thing go?

(Verse 1)
Never si, never go low
Mi no limbp, and mi never tell a bwoy beg yuh a drinks no
How much gyal mi have dies sinko
Just a remind yo caw mi tell yo in a the intro
Flat belly, brown skin 2 ring a spin suh
Run weh the joker come to the king no
Pop off, fly gyal, fly gyal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
How the thing go?
Pant’s foot buss off and mi chain dem a swing suh
Bun a informer weh love give weh info
Bad gyal mi love, me love a nympho
Like mi win suh
Jesus Christ yow easy one Kim nuh
Gimmi in a the car how the glass dem tint suh
Wi a smoke, wi a drink suh
And a carry cash like the brinks suh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)