Lil Wayne – Dreams And Nightmares (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) Lyrics

I put my shooters on their feat
I just give dem new address and go to sleep
The money turn my ni**as into monsters
The whitening turn my ni**as into nausis law
The money turn my face into a stocking
Don’t let me turn your baby into a hostage boy
Don’t let me turn the kid to a foster
My woman turn my d–k into a monster
Buy the parts in the duffle
The bullets turn your body to a puzzle
The money turn my b—h into a monster
She knows how to get a check
And turn the zero to a comma

The money turn my ni**as into killers
The sugar turn the coke into vanilla
The money turn the b*tches into hoes
The money turn my ni**as into foes

I put my shooters in their feat
Give dem your address and I go out to eat
Have the snow man in the wood like Jordan Breeze
She’s from the wood but look like she’s from overseas
I said girl you know I love you and I care for you
I got some new shoes and a bag a hair for you
She said f–k these other ni**as they don’t have for you
Just keep laughing to the bank it’s hilarious
I got to stay home, gun in a travel gun
Boy we could sell white in Africa

Is like I cant explain
You’ll ask me to spin
Now am joining on my chain, what happen to Wayne?
Am like oh lord wait a second, you’ll thought I was second
Hating on a chapter and saw knocka feddy
We pull up and we shoot
Then we pop the car and edit
Watch me pull up window roof
Am like hold on wait a minute
You’ll thought I was finish
Shoot you in your head then just walk off like I did it
Like my money talk so much
Put my job all out of business
Doing no bizz in this b*tch, am like a small phone wid the digits