Lil Wayne – Fingers Hurting Lyrics

She live in Fort Lauderdale
And am close to South Beach
I told her to come over
She said ok don’t fall asleep
She said she can be my house wife and keep mu house clean
I said shut the f–k up
Put this d–k back in your mouth please

I don’t see nothing wrong wid some mouth and lip service
Told you mother f–ker
Tire a being a pinch nerve b*tch
I didn’t answer on my phone
I said I couldn’t get service
My nonena just tole me that she sick a being a fergent

(Verse 1)
Bagging up the work oh my fingers hurting
Let my b*tches help before they leave
I check that persist

Sorry for the wait
The confusion that disturbance
Got me moving way prostitution in these verses
Flipping in the kitchen
In the trap I sweat my shirt off
Am o get these millions and I put that on my first part
Got that old jury bumping talking bout the
The DA was a d*ck and the judge was a jerk off
Got a bad b*tch but it coming like a curva
Let her drink too muhc, now her pu–y taste like Smirnoff
Sleeping on chinchilla but am cozy like a fer ball
F–k the other side ni**a we can have a turf war
Sorry for the wait have to drop this part two and s–t
Just to let you know that a next day am doing it
Working like a slave on my roots part two s–t
Got to let you know that look touches there
I told you b*tch

F–k with me wrong hit the hammer
They ain’t got no hope from the slammer
Was gone for the hammer
Stumping the yard like a gammer
Ni**as was gone but now that am tall like a camel
Am smoking as strong as a camel
I bet my life when we gamble

Rich forever Jerry Jones
I got to hustle, keeping my destiny gone
Like the house a Derrian
This plan that am on is private
My very own
So no checking my carriers
She’s in the picture naked
I say this all

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I don’t get excited ni**a
I just get excited
I don’t get invited to these b*tches pity party’s
I don’t do no current even though a ni**a got it
Counting all this money feel like a got

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)