Karrueche Tran Split With Chris Brown Over Leaked Pics

Karrueche Tran has broken up with Chris Brown again and it’s all over some leaked photos of his junk by a porn star on Twitter.

Kagney Linn Karter recently put Chris Brown on blast on Twitter claiming the singer paid her $2,500 to be his escort. But she claimed that Breezy wanted more than just an escort service.

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She then went on an angry onslaught against Chris Brown calling him a woman beater and says he bullied her when she turned down his advance.

She also allegedly leaked some photos of his junk, prompting a cease and desist letter from Brown’s lawyer.

But now Karrueche Tran has also dumped Chris Brown over the incident. Sources connected to the couple told Urban Islandz that Tran felt like Breezy is hiding something and is lying about the incident so she pulled the plug.

“She knows that she can’t trust him and he is always messing up no matter how much he promised her that he has change,” the source told us.

“Karrueche is reaching that point where Rihanna is now where she just walk away and never look back, Chris is too immature and need get his head together,” the source added.

In November last year the couple split but rekindled their relationship just before Christmas.

RP @prettyer

Une photo publiée par karrueche (@karrueche) le

On Wednesday, Karrueche Tran also posted a cryptic message on Instagram aimed at Chris Brown.

“Let us not love with words or speech but with our actions and truth


  1. this is a pack of damn lies….i so dislike that these damn blogs just
    write a bag of fckery not facts….where is the proof of the prostitute
    blasting him and leaked photo??????…oh yall want ppl to believe this
    bs because you guys attached that CBs lawyers issued legal
    documents….Kill that damn noise….Karrueche and Chris are very much
    still together…She is working on a lead role in a movie and Chris is
    finishing his community service…Do better with the “tea” that you guys
    are spilling because this is just plain old LIESSS!!!…OAN i know damn
    well that nobody from either camp is one of your sources so stop
    spreading propaganda!!

  2. Fake story! Late Story! #Bloop

  3. This is fake I’m not for them but they are clearly together I mean this story was toke place weeks before now and you just posted it now. Fake ass Urban Island

  4. Everybody with enough common sense knows she is just on her come up, there is no love there.

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    • This is social media for crying out loud. She isn’t writing a thesis. You find Chris Brown educated with his caveman grammar.

  8. Like I said before and I stand by my words they are doomed.