Elephant Man – Ting Dem Lyrics

Hand mi the thing dem
Stone and the gin dem
handle the thing dem, handle the thing
Mi seh fi bring dem, hand mi the thing dem
Handle the thing dem

(Verse 1)
Well anybody diss party a go mash up
Tep up in a the club selector all and pull up
Watch how yuh talk to Killer cause him well dangerous
Caw the party just a kick, it just a kick, it just a kick
Yow the music it a kick, it just a kick, it nah stick
Mi si a hot gyal mi aim fi the target

The party just a kick, it just a kick, it just a kick
Love the vibes how it a kick

Informer call the police paw we
Talk bout a me have the cribass him see
A go up the free wid a bag a Kiki
Mi haffi rally back and gi him a bad pree
Police run in here, dem run in there
Kick back and juck because mi no have no fear
Dem smell high grade in a the atmosphere
A work like the feds just to what dem hear

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi si the hand dem a go up
From yo have bottle a pop
Dem bright, wa that mi go hear dem a chat
Seh dem a floss
Liquor turn dem ova dem drop
Fi what it cost hungry belly and liquor no match
Gyal a wine to the dancehall rock and pop
Jump till dem slippers flop and pop
Ponty cyaa stop bike crime, stop and cop
Liquor spill, people use map and sap

(Repeat Verse 1)