Gully Bop Ft. M-Gee – Life Sweet Lyrics

Life too sweet fi war wid people
Life too short fi malice mi friend

Can you imagine some chicken wing to plane wing
Can you imagine from walk foot to car
Hey star

(Verse 1)
Too much man a dead
Blood a run, God soon come
Man a tell lie pon dem cyaa give wi none
Man a thief, God a peep, God naw sleep
Anything you do bwoy God must seet
Kill a man yesterday, and yo kill one today
Mi seh God naw sleep, God a watch everyday
Anything yo do bad fi that yo get yo pay
Yo in a satan kingdom, you nuh walk God way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Poor life nuh nice
Poor life nuh easy
One day mi must have to touch Miami
Jump pon the plane and sail cross the sea
Gully Bop get hotter than dem weh mi si
Nuff a dem a frenenemy dem a nuh friend
Nuff a dem a enemy, naw set nuh trend
All dem a gwaan and a kick up and a gwaan
Gully Man mi a blow down the place like storm

(Verse 3)
Pose dem a pose dem a friend enemy
Dem nuh love wi dem only love wi money
Behind fi wi back dem a plan fi kill wi
A suh mi get fi know dem naw show nuh glory

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)