Versatile – Bound Fi Dead Lyrics

From yo dis yo bound fi dead
Goodies lane no save led a bloodcl***
Shot a buss up in a fing head
Dead yo dead from yo meck the first talk
Rifle weh mi buss off
Kick back like bus in a bus park
Beat mi gun when people come
Weh dem si matter itch up in a nose naught

(Verse 1)
Jareck lane, rise the gun weh buss loud that a cannon
Knock wi a knock hi wid one hand
Mi no Jet Lie or Jackie Chan weh a thump a man
Mi buss bwoy head ova Japan
Some bwoy a chat badness cause dem hear it in a song
But hear mi no common
Any gun mi rise it long like the hair fi Junior Gong
And mi no fraid fi kill a man
Explosion when mi gunshot fire
Wi no trk tough chat higher
Any bwoy si man and a puff up like a pump up tire
Shot sing like Voxhall quire
Me no bad wid mi mouth, me bad entire
Li, but it’s not empire
From yo dis Versatile yo dis Mountain View
Grandspen and the whole Kentire

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From yo dis yuh a dead to bumboclaat
Tough chat yo gi man yo get yo tongue cut off
The mack 90 meck yo run so fast
Dash weh yo body in a dump and burn yo rass
Dem start war and a beg fi done
Never know chigger wi squeeze dem fi fun
Wi no go fi bwoy wid empty gun
Kill dem, nine night wi send fi rum
Gun rise up weh tall, daddy cry, mammy bwal
Man a run fi cover and a hide back a wall
Yo did a flip now yo no hype none at all
A to the almighty yo call
Bwoy yo bad paw yo endz but wi bad overall
Dis mi yah so yo bone a fall
No throw thump wi no fling stone at all
Go fi dem like how soldier crawl

(Repeat Chorus 2X)