Chino Ft Versatile – Gyallis For Life Lyrics

When you si we you fi know wi a gyallis fi real
Every girl stick to we like a magnet to steel

Wi a gyallis fi life
Until death suh wi a live wi life
Gyal dem nuff, gyal dem infinite
Mi want a dozen wife when wi a 65
Wi a gyallis fi life

(Verse 1)
Me and Versi in a New York city
Roll wi a few hot Filli
Gyal from Miami, ATL, New York FIlli
One a seh shi just move from Trinni
Whi have couple Canadian, Guineas thing
Dominican and the Asian, Siamese twin
Jamaican gyal weh a fire big thing
And mi go China fi wire Mrs Chin

Gyal settings, gyal steppings
Weh gyal steppings, nuh damn pettings
Gyal from Italian, gyal from frock fretting
Dem cyaa left him dem confessing
Gyal from Guadalupe waan fi roll wid da youth yah
Dem come in a group, dem waan fi know mi a who fa
Dela Cost from Verona Ruba
Spread ruma fi come in a da room yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So much gyal Chino
Wa dem haffi share some
Mi gyal dem nuff cyaa hold in a one stadium
Woman a ask question mi haffi play dumb
Nobody nuh haffi know but mi nuh Cranium

Mi haffi big up Versi mi top gyallis friend
Will not males dem
Wi flock and mids dem
One bag a things some man a promise dem
Japanese dem

Real gyallis that wi go beat
From in a Kingston go back to Cotea
A nuh self praise wi go the trophy
The gyal dem have to love we

(Repeat Chorus)