Vybz Kartel Gets Visit From His Family For Christmas

Did Vybz Kartel get to see is family during the Christmas holiday? The answer to that question is yes according to Urban Islandz sources.

On Christmas Day Vybz Kartel’s common-law wife Tanesha Johnson posted a photo on Facebook of herself, her three sons and the dancehall star claiming that it was shot the day before.

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This is what she wrote:

“My Husband Is So Comfortable Where He His So Badmind Go Drop A Sleep ! Well It Was My Son Birthday & They Don’t See Their Dad For A Long Period Of Time Now SO I Decide To Let Them Took A Picture With Their Dad On Their Birthday This Picture Was Taken Yesterday With Me & My Husband & My Three (3) Kids But I Can’t Tell You Guys Where It Was Taken It Is Just A Secret, I Can’t Tell Too Much Because The Media Is Watching. Anyways My Husband Is Well Comfortable Where He Is Zeen…”

Vybz Kartel family photo

Sources close to the former Portmore Empire boss exclusively told Urban Islandz that the photo is authentic and Vybz Kartel did spend some time with his family a few days before Christmas.

“Addi did get to see his family but I can’t divulge too much details because the folks who organized it could get in trouble,” the source told us.

“The photo is authentic and the visit was just for a day at a secret location,” the source added.

A day out of prison could be a breath of fresh air for Vybz Karel who is serving a life sentenced for murder.


  1. He will walk this year

  2. “My Husband Is So Comfortable Where He His So Badmind Go Drop A Sleep !”

    Oh!?! Little does this Shorty know that prison was designed specifically to make men uncomfortable. How any man could be comfortable with people telling him when to eat, sleep, wake up, chit, and pee is something I hope I never come to understand.
    BTW, Shorty…I sleep very well knowing that murdering summabytch is behind bars and will be for most of his life.

    • I’m changing my position. I think Lizard is probably in Tijuana.

      • I agree. There are lizards in Tijuana. Clive Williams is still minced meat tho, and Damion “Ratty” Orrett is now dead as f#ck.
        There’s something I’ve never told you before that I would like to get off my chest. As much as you see me hate on Kartel, I hate on this POS they call Urbanislandz more for promoting a convicted murderer. I believe there’s too many decent law-abiding artists who never killed anyone out there in need of promoting, yet UI throws their support behind this murdering convict.
        Which begs the question…why do J’cans praise murderers to such an extent?

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        you become what you resist.

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      • You just skipped the part of kartel having an outstanding talent huh.
        When is the last time media promoted what doesnt sell over what sells?
        And where do you see urban islands supporting kartel?

        If you wanna know why “jamaicans praise murderers” , as u put it, try asking obama- hes very proud of ja police for executing 72 civilians in kingston.

      • Outstanding talent??! How much talent does it take to be born Black and to bleach your skin near white?? Anyways…that wasn’t the point I made. Look, the man is in prison for murder, an here you are calling him “an outstanding talent” as if his ability to drop a tune negates his culpability in the murder of Clive Williams, and the fact he played a real life Don Corleone in Portmore.

        Where do I see UI supporting Kartel??! LOL!
        A quick search of Vybz Kartel on UI’s site reveals 23,600 results. A search of Grammy Award nominee Sean Paul…1,100 results.


        Obama has nothing to do with j’can criminals, unless of course they commit their crimes on American soil. When Obama really wants you he will send people to get you, not kill you.
        Please note that Dudus Coke is not dead, but doing 23 years in a Federal pen for drug trafficking, assault and racketeering.

        It’s no secret that the act of murder, and murderers themselves have long since been praised by J’cans. Here is a man who is sitting in prison for murder, yet you and many others stand by his side claiming he’s innocent even with the preponderance of court evidence brought against him.
        The “extent” of your support of this murderer is akin to the Roman Catholic church and their support for a criminal executed more than 2000 years ago by Romans. In essence, you and Kartel’s supporters have deified him.
        That’s what I be talkin’ bout. Comprende, capish, understand?

      • you need to edit yourself, stop wasting my time with this chapters.

        writting article on what sells does not mean one SUPPORTS the person.
        i dunno if u noticed but Kartel is a pretty popular figure always have been..

        Obama ordered Dadus /tivoli massacre.
        i know very well where Dadus is, and note he first time touched US soil when he surrendered few years back. you have NO Idea wot u talkin bout as far as his case.
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      • Yeah…and I’m the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
        You sure do know how to lay the bullchit on good and thick.

      • its ok , lil boy, you are free to believe whatever u want lol

      • Naptime dwl

      • spoken like a true christian! bravo! belissimo!!

      • Ratty is now dead as f#ck. dwl I have a inkling that you’ll blame Kartel rather than Ratty’s lifestyle choice.
        Here you go:
        Nationwide News understands that one of St. Catherine’s most reputed gangsters, David Orrett, otherwise known as Ratty, was today shot dead by gunmen.Orrett was an influential member of the Fashion Gang, which is based in Waterford, Portmore in St. Catherine.

        I was watching a video on B.G. of the Jamaican police beating “Ching Sing” now the amount of time it took them to beat him as he laid on the floor they could’ve had him behind bars. Because they didn’t handcuff him he was able to hurl objects at them and was subsequently murdered. Now the cop who pulled the trigger walked free even with video evidence of the actual murder. Self defense my ass they had ample time to handcuff him.

      • Ziggy in his infinite wisdom reaches for and turns over salena’s coin.

        “A key witness in Vybz Kartel murder trial was shot and killed in Portmore on Monday.
        Sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that Damion “Ratty” Orrett was gunned down by armed thugs in Waterford, Portmore at around 9:00 a.m. on Monday.”

        There’s always two sides to a coin, salena. In this case, snitches end up in ditches.

      • [ignore my first message. I accidentally hit post] “snitches end up in ditches”..dwl ????

        You know full well these so called UrbanIslandz sources are imaginary. He was said to have been a witness in another case that was subsequently dismissed. He was said to have been uncooperative. As a matter of fact, what purpose does it serve to eliminate a witness in a dismissed case that didn’t grant a conviction?

      • lucky he lasted that long

      • Florida*

    • Can’t get it. He’s comfortable in prison…

  3. That is just so sad I am happy for the children tho. But how is he happy where he is? Is he in Club Med or Club bed?

  4. This Is A Lie A Same Place A Prison Him At It Was Family Fun Day Where Your Kids Can Visit On That Day So Plz

  5. Happy where he is, dwl dwl she brite eeh

  6. The kartel haters won’t be happy to see this picture

    • You’re right about that, Ross. It can’t be easy on young impressionable minds seeing their father locked away behind bars. I find no joy in that.

      • You’re always on everybody’s comments.dwl

      • Hold on! LMAO!
        Ross and I live in the same locale. You know how I know that? Yup! Because I’m on his comments.
        I mean, what’s the point of any comment section if you don’t comment??!
        Much love salena, and the best to you and yours in the New Year.

      • U still alive dude? I miss you ‘:(

  7. biggup yuhself worldboss, glad you get fi see yuh fambily fi di holiday.