Di Genius – Nuh Bad Lyrics

Dem fool deh start it and cut
When things kick off wi nah if and but
Cause wi know some bwoy nuh bad
A suh mi know some bwoy nuh bad

Big ship come start it and run
A wave white flag and a bwal fi war done
So wi know some bwoy nuh bad
A so mi know some bwoy no bad

(Verse 1)
Dem no bad dem a informer
A supn dem a drink or wa
Everybody pon this corner
Roll heavy like weights up a gym corner
Grands Pen seh no bring drama
Wi carry puppy dem a bring lama
If mi get mad and and go pin Bramma
Depark rise up from mi give order
Yo cyaa dis me or mi big brother
Chino, dem no bad like mi big daughter
WI go fi mash works a no fi go mix mata
Meck a bag a things a spin like mix master
Cyaa seh a word like seh him stama
No James when wi sing bout dem imbram yah
Yeh wi meck bwoy haffi get up and run
And tek weh all fi get seh him born yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So mi warn some bwoy and tell dem early
Jungle no like when my head hurt mi
Wi no run joke like Eddy Murphy
And wi no pet bwoy like any nursery
Yo si some bwoy weh a chat bout dem blood hot
Fi wi dawgs a dead fi thirsty
Wi no haffi send fi friends fi burst hi
And mi bleach and yo get it 20 30
All dem good fah a fi cuss and trace
Like pro tools dem a get cut and paste
Yo cyaa run in wi spar wi bad man
Spar wid man weh have handcuff pon waist
No tell wi weh yo come from
In a the country a nuff man place
Dem cyaa war we, dem no have nuff fan base

(Repeat Chorus)