Kalado – Like It Is Lyrics

Yuh a my b–ch
Tell it like it is

Yuh a mi side chick
Tell it like it is

When shi smoke shi want to stay high
Then shi drunk and want to stay high
Me for a minute in it
Tell it like it is

(Verse 1)
Rude a the f–k weh shi speak of
Just a yo pillow and a lonely sheet
Louder wi f–k every speakers
Worst a mi pillow and a lonely sheet
Dem lips meck yo s–k seed
Mi all up in a yo belly suh yo must breed
Yo come fast like Sherian buddy cut speed
Punny wid ingredients buddy must need
Mi bad baby, am not what the f–k yuh feel
Buddy reach in a yo, suh the bi— in a yo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fonti season the two a wi ride
Skid the wheels, the hard we drive
Forever, however
We be driven for the miles
When shi give me the f–k smile
She ma bi— for a life time
Then shi give me the f–k style
Feel am rich for a life time
Shi got mi picked up like every leaf
And she will never leave
Never leave, smart and cleverly
Beverly wid instagram

(Repeat Chorus)

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