Agent Sasco – Smile In Face Lyrics

Yo best friend could a be yo worst enemy
Yo worst enemy could be your best friend
Dem seh more money more problem
Some time a more money less friend

Yow nough a dem a crab in a barrel, crab in a bag side
In a face, sap in a back
Dem have the world yuh have in a bag
Yea dem no love it when yo thing a shot

But wa, real people no in a that
Dem waan smile in a face and stab in a back
Nough a dem a crab in a barrel, dem a crab in a barrel
Dem a crab in barrel, crab in bag

(Verse 1)
Hear wa no, mi no in a hypocrite friendship
The bag a fake supn and the pretency
So mi cut dem off, get a new number
Change mi phone and get a different chip
Hey yow, cause wi si seh dem a pretenders
Nough a dem wi sell yo out cause dem a friend venders
Yeh dem a hypocrite that’s what wi si dem as
Dem smile fake like dem a real benchers

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cause when yo think dem would a happy dem a wish the worst fi yo
Dem would a love it fi dem send a hearse fi yuh
Nough a carry belly like dem a gi birth fi yuh
All visit the monkey but it never work fi yuh
No trust dem, dem a devil so dem full a trick
Dem a deal pon the level, dem a pull a trick
Well after all dem a crab in a barrel
Dem a crab so dem full a shhhh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)