FOOTA HYPE Doing DNA Test His And Ishawna Son

The Foota Hype and Ishawna saga is far from over. According to new reports, the veteran sound system selector may have suspected that the couple’s son is not his.

An anonymous source close to the couple told Urban Islandz that Foota Hype is in the process of doing a DNA test to ease his mind. Hype thinks that Ishawna might have been cheating on him throughout their entire relationship.

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“Foota have zero trust for Ishawna right now and he think she might be cheating on him from day one,” the source told us.

The source also added that Ishawna is confident their son is for Foota Hype.



  1. Do the hiv test too while ur at it????

  2. Do the test if some one spreading rumors and the child his Foota that’s down right wicked .

  3. oh my what a saga, what if the child turns out to not be his!! what a frightening thought