Ishawna Says Foota Hype Abused Her Plus Show Photos

Ishawna says she breakup with Foota Hype physically abused her over the 9-year relationship that the couple has.

The drama between Ishawna and Foota Hype has been dominating dancehall headlines over the past couple of weeks.

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Last week Foota Hype went on OnStage TV and spill some tea on why he believes Ishawna dumped him. Now Ishawna is firing back.

Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Ishawna says Foota Hype allegations are all lies. She also showed photos showing her injuries from her abuse from Foota Hype.

Ishawna says her relationship with Foota Hype ended in January and since then the veteran sound system selector has been making her life a living hell.


  1. Domestic violence is a terrible thing to go through but in Jamaica it is not as easy to get through as it is in the US . Thr process is long and it’s not as much a big deal being that people more keep to themself and keep there business out of public eye . I think she endured a lot , even in foota hypes interview the things he said he done to her seemed so normal for him , which is terrible . They have a son they both need to find a way to deal with this cleaner .

  2. There is no reason for abuse in relationships, two people don’t get along go their separate ways. I think it’s simple as that, it’s really not worth it. And with both of them going public with there problems, that’s gonna affect their son if not now it will later.

  3. Foota just opened pandora’s box. smh This is sad and messy.

  4. Domestic violence they take very seriously if any one sends that pic to the US they will take away Foota Hype visa . Even though it happen in JA .Foota needs to be very careful . She puts a pic up of a huge bruise on her face . I don’t condone what he did am against abuse big time . I don’t like men putting their hands on women . Two of them have problems no one is perfect .

    I tell all females have your own money because men throw it in your face and use it against you in relationship . They think they own you when they take care of you .